4 Parenting Resolutions For The New Year

I’ve never understood the people that claim they don’t care much about a new year—what’s not to love about a fresh start? There are countless ways to go about setting and starting resolutions. My favorite? Thinking back on the previous year, going over what I was most proud of accomplishing, and what I was most disappointed in having not accomplished…and then setting realistic, gentle intentions or goals that make me feel inspired for the year ahead. As a new mom, parenting intentions are high on the list of what I want to work on.

These 4 easy parenting resolutions that will leave you inspired for the new year.

Parenting Resolutions For The New Year

Let Go of Parenting Anxiety

Okay, the title of this was ‘easy’ and letting go of anxiety is anything but. Parenting can be fraught with anxiety—Is my baby safe? Have they eaten enough of the healthy stuff? Questions based on anxiety can feel endless.

It’s common to have a constant stream of anxiety-ridden thoughts laced throughout our brains, and this translates into stressed-out bodies and stressed-out parenting. It’s not healthy for anyone.

Take some deep, calm breaths and let it go.

The easiest way to combat our anxiety beast? Get down with your child and play. Get lost in their world. Create a magical world together through games, art, books, or just good old-fashioned outdoor fun. Take a walk in the woods, play at the park, meet up with other parents and their kiddos for group fun. However, it means for you to relax and just have fun—do more of that, during the day, with your kids. When you’re really enjoying your time with your child, your anxiety will naturally shift and fade away.

Put Down Your Phone

This one is pretty important. We know, we know—it’s hard. We’re all pretty tuned into our phones, and social media can be a wonderful way to stay connected with your friends and family when you’re busy being a parent.

But here’s the thing: you and your kids deserve to be tuned into each other. As much as our phones can help us stay connected, they can also cause us to be completely disconnected from our actual, in-person selves and lives.

Update Your Look

Take a look in your closet: does your clothing reflect who you are? Time to let go of what doesn’t work and bring in what does. And for those on a tight budget, go for a just a couple signature pieces, or shop sales, outlets, and vintage/thrift shops. Maybe it’s a new pair of boots you’ve been coveting, or maybe it’s as simple as a new diaper bag.

Go Somewhere New Together

This one doesn’t have to be a big trip that includes booking tickets and lots of vacation time. It can be as simple as visiting a new park, or heading to the local library’s story hour. Getting out of your comfort zones and breaking old habits fosters growth, excitement, and learning. What’s something that you, as a family, have been meaning to do together? Make it happen this year.

Muhammad Aamir