3 Ways of doing the Mismatched Bridesmaids Look

Marlyn doesn’t like wearing strapless, Charlie wears only three colors and Mia doesn’t wear dresses at all. Imagine if these girls become the bridesmaids for your wedding, what a ruckus they would create on the occasion. This is precisely why many people choose simple and generic wedding themes to appease people and let them dress according to their convenience. Or they become control freaks and choose some dresses in arbitrary colors for their bridesmaids randomly.

But those dresses basically hatch eggs in your closet because you never wear them again. This is the reason why mismatched bridesmaid dresses are your best friends at a wedding. So, how to do a mismatched look for bridesmaids? Firstly, try to give a broad overview with the choice of color or style and cut. Basically, give your bridesmaids something to start with. Next, you should look for elements that will unify your bridesmaids. For this too, you can choose the color, fabric or pattern. But make sure the unifying elements are different from the distinguishing elements.

Here are 3 ways of doing the mismatched bridesmaids look. Check them out.

Mismatched Bridesmaids Look

Same Style, Similar color: You can choose your favorite style and cut for your bridesmaids’ dresses, which fairly complements your wedding gown. For instance, you can keep their length similar or make the neckline or back same. Now, for the mismatched element, you must ask them to go with different shades of the same color. For instance, you can pick one color like blue. Now assign a shade of blue like navy blue, lilac-blue or turquoise blue to each bridesmaid. Or if you want, the bridesmaids can pick a shade of blue themselves according to their own choice. In this way, you get a mismatched color for all the bridesmaid dresses and at the same time, they look cohesive because of the same style of dress for everyone.

Same color, Different Styles: If your bridesmaids have varied body frames and they are pretty conscious about it, then you cannot pick the same style and cut for everyone. It is better you let them choose their preferred style and cut of dress which they will be more comfortable wearing. But how will you unify them? Easy. Choose the same color for them. If you make it a color coded wedding, then give your bridesmaids a particular shade that goes with your wedding theme. You can stick with bold colors like scarlet red, fuchsia, or coral and ask them to wear different styles of dresses in the same color. This way, they can flaunt their individual styles and yet look like a family of bridesmaids.

Different Colors, Different Styles: If your bridesmaids and you yourself are quite fashion forward, you can try out this look. It may sound a little quirky because you can choose different colors as well as go with varied cuts and styles but these also must have a binding element. For example, if you have four bridesmaids, you can choose two contrasting colors like green and yellow or blue and pink and two different necklines for your bridesmaids. This will give them a lot more options and add variety to the look of the bridesmaids. But you have to really understand fashion for this. Otherwise, it can backfire and you may end up looking like fools.

These are some ways in which you can save your bridesmaids from buying redundant things which they will never wear in their lifetime and save their money. And at the same time, you will also get to be involved in their dressing and have a say in the matter. However, be careful because you must not hurt anyone’s sentiments in order to make your wedding a success.

Author Bio: Alicia Harrison is a wedding planner and blogger. Here she writes about three ways of wearing the mismatched bridesmaid dresses in a wedding.

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