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June 26, 2016

DIY Fashion Accessories

DIY Fashion Accessories Anyone can Make

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Fashion accessories are a great way to add flair to a plain outfit. You can mix and match clothes, but you can add dimension to what you’re wearing if you know how to accessorize. Some people may think that you can only get great accessories when you purchase them in malls or fashion boutiques, but when you’re short on budget, you can also make your own without having to spend…

Tips for Flawless Skin

Quick and Easy Tips for Flawless Skin

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While it’s really not possible to have smooth and perfect skin overnight, there are a few techniques and tricks you can try to make your skin glow and look healthy. Secret #1: One Minute to Glowing Skin Most people (men and women) wash their face for no more than a few seconds. Try using a timer to clean your skin. Time it for 60 seconds, which should be enough to…

big and tall men’s clothing

How to Look Fashionable When You’re a Large 40-Something Guy

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I don’t claim to look like David Beckham and I can never dress with as much finesse as the next James Bond. But dressing well is one of my strong points, considering that I’m a large guy in my mid 40s.  So if you fit the same profile (ie large and over 40), here’s a guide that can help you pick the right big and tall men’s clothing. Suit The…

Fashionable and Functional

The Different Ways Fleece Can Be Fashionable and Functional

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We often see supermodels wearing trendy fleece jackets and hoodies on fashion runways. But, fleece fabric is not only stylish, it’s also functional. Fleece is soft and warm, and surprisingly durable. It’s ideal for use during winter so you can stay warm without sacrificing your sense of style. But its use is not just seasonal – you can utilize this fabric to make a lot of other things. Mittens The…