11 Ideas for Men’s Short Haircuts

If you want a short haircut that’s easy to style while looking great, consider these popular men’s short haircuts.

Short Hair with Undercut

This cut features some length at the top with ultra-short sides, and it works for many. You can add product for some texture. You can even have it sticking out in all directions to give it a messy cool.

Men’s Short Haircuts

Line Up and High Skin Fade

This unique buzz features a fade with a line up and is increasingly popular among men, particularly for those with black hair. It’s a clean and sharp cut that doesn’t require any styling, but you will need to visit the barber frequently for touch-ups.

Short Combovers with Shaved Part and Mid Skin Fade

This cut is a shorter version of the classic side part, but it’s also more contemporary and most high-end barbers can give you this look. It’s great for men with coarse or thick hair, with plenty of shape without the need for a lot of styling.

Textured Spikes with a Low Fade

Today’s popular haircuts emphasize texture, and textured spikes are where it’s at. You can use a matte hair product to separate hair and add volume, but try not to pinch the ends together. Adding a low skin fade can make the cut look more complete.

Short Crop with High Bald Fade

The textured short crop is among the top trending haircuts for men today, particularly in Europe and the United Kingdom. It will also likely begin to gain popularity in the states, too. It features layering on top with a blunt fringe, and a high skin fade for an undercut appearance.

Buzz Cut with Line Up

A line up at the hairline of this short cut contributes straight edges that help sharpen a buzz cut. You can add fade at the neckline, but it’ll look great either way.

Short Pomp Fade

This pomp fade style is among the most popular men’s hairstyles, contrasting high volume hair on the top with shaved sides. You may want to try the shorter version, which is the same look but with shorter hair on top that makes it a bit easier to style.

Short Cut with a Mid Fade

This potentially ordinary short haircut can look original and fresh with a skin fade in the middle of the head for a cool finish.

Longer Top and an Undercut Fade

This nice short men’s hairstyle includes longer hair combined with shaved and thick hair with skin. It’s ideal for guys who don’t have a lot of time to style their hair or simply have a difficult time with styling.

Taper Fade with a Spiked Quiff

In lieu of all-over texture, this style features some longer hair at the hairline which is then spiked into a modern quiff. You can also comb it over for a formal appearance or wear it loose.

Short Haircut for Thicker Hair

Short hair with ample layering gives it some shape while making styling easier. This look is cut to improve texture with extra length at the hairline.

These are simply some of the many great short haircuts available to men today. With any of these, you can look your best with an easy-to-style cut that holds shape.

Muhammad Aamir